Ramón Salamander was the main antagonist in the Doctor Who serial, The Enemy of the World. He also bears a striking resemblance to the 2nd Doctor himself.


Salamander was a well known politician and scientist. However, Salamander also secretly had several officials murdered in order to replace them with men that he trusted to ensure his ambition of world domination. He later encountered a group of scientists that had left themselves in solitude underground as an endurance exercise. Salamander lied to them, telling them that a nuclear war had occured on the surface. He was then able to use them to create apparently natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes that would work against his enemies.

When the Doctor and his companions arrived, they sided with Giles Kent who had been discredited by Salamander. Kent had the Doctor impersonate Salamander on several occasions in an attempt to expose Salamander. But this eventually led to Kent's mistake. The Doctor learned that Kent intended to kill Salamander and take his place. Salamander shot Kent though and escaped to the TARDIS where Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield allowed him entry, mistaking him for the Doctor. Then the Doctor appeared and a short brawl ensued in which the TARDIS' take-off procedure was activated with the doors still open. Salamander was sucked out into the time vortex, leaving the Doctor and his companions to close the doors without joining Salamander in his fate.