"Uh, well uh, there know?"

Ralph is a major antagonist in a Glenn Beck skit. He is some sort of IRS goverment higher up who knows more about what is going on in the goverment than even the president.


Ralph has curly brown hair and a mustache. Ralph also has a strong European accent. As you can tell he is just Glenn Beck in a wig with a fake mustache but since he is a parody villain it was probably done on purpose to make him seem cartoonishly evil.


Ralph plans to make a perfect system through the IRS, but his idea of a perfect system has some corruption within it such as death panels. Plus to achive his goal he does not care if he has  to deceive the people and when the truth is exposed he tells them it is just a conspiracy theory. Though he really does believe he has the people's best intentions in mind by giving them healthcare and making it so they won't have to worry about anything, his corruption and deception make him a well intentioned extremist.