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Raksha was a snowman that was brought to life when Jack Spicer's Dude-Bot became tired of being Human from the Heart of Jong and carelessly threw it into a chasm. The Heart of Jong landed in snow and resulted in the creation of Raksha.


Raksha was a snowman with a german accent and seemed to be of german affiliation due to the clothes he wore when he allied himeslef with Wuya to help her defeat the Xiaolin Monks and claim their Shen Gong Wu.

Physical Appearance

As he could shapeshift himself, Raksha had many appearances, based on the different types of water.

Powers and Weaknesses

Raksha had the ability to control water at any of its forms, especially snow and ice. With that power he could do many functions like:

Like Mala Mala Jong if the Heart of Jong was removed from his body he will fall apart and no longer be alive.

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