Huhuhuhuhu! Swag!
~ Rainbow Dash

Rainbow St. Dash is a pegasus pony from PONY.MOV who can go faster than any airliner. She is a rude lesbian who mostly likes to insult her friends. Ever since she performed a time-reversing sonic rainboom, she is currently a titan.


She appeared telling Applejack (who was eating apples like crazy) that if she eats all those apples she'll get a wicked bad tummy ache. She and the other ponies went to see if Applejack was all right after she went into a coma.


When Discord (Hotdiggedydemon) was out destroying Ponyville, she was shown laying on a cloud showing that she was too lazy to help look for the Elements of Harmony to save Ponyville.


She, along with Spike and Pinkie Pie (, tried to look for the Elements of Harmony in Fluttershy (Hotdiggedydemon)'s shed. Not remembering about what Fluttershy said about people going in her shed, they entered anyway to find her shed lined with blood and slaughtered woodland creatures. Insted of noticing that, they saw that Fluttershy kept a lot of "PlayPony" copies in a box and Rainbow got a wingboner from looking at it.

Pinkie and Spike fled the scene when Fluttershy unexpectantly met the trio in her shed, but unfortunately, Rainbow Dash didn't escape in time enough and was sliced in half by the chainsaw-wielding psychopath, who then got arrested.


After that bizzare scene, Twilight ( tried to ressurect her using the powerful shock of lightning in a Frankenstein-esque fashion, but failed.

Spike then decided to hit her with a shovel while procceding to take her back to the cemetary because she didn't get a birthday present for him.


It was shown that Spike never buried her and was being poked with a stick by him for


about an hour. Just when Spike was about to poke her again, she came back to life screaming with Spike screaming in fear, thus proving that the ressurection spell thought as first, as she was in a coma the whole time.

She then sees Twilight looking sad that she did'nt save Ponyville, so she tried to cheer her up by performing a sonic rainboom, which changes time back to SHED.MOV, where Apple Bloom is nearly crushed.

We also see that Rainbow got abs and was the same size as Discord. Both Rainbow and Discord fight, but Rainbow almost loses when Discord rips off her wings extremely. But then, Scootaloo appears telling Rainbow Dash to get up because she believes in her. So Rainbow Dash succeeds, and calls for Twilight to summon the Sword of the Holy Titans. She then takes the sword and slices Discord's head off.

When Rainbow shrinks to original size, she is taken to the hospital and is congratulated by her friends. She's a little bit bummed about losing her wings, but is happy that all of her friends are together again.



  • Rainbow Dash, out of all the Seven Deadly Sins, represents Envy as she envies men.
  • Although Rainbow Dash was the main antagonist, she reformed in SWAG.MOV and beaten the true main villain in the epic fight.