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Hear me, all you used ones from the outside world! Let your once-in-a-lifetime beat resound!
~ Raiko Horikawa

Raiko Horikawa is a taiko drum tsukumogami from Touhou Project who can control lightning. She appears for the first time in Double Dealing Character as the Extra Stage boss.


When the youkai uprising incident occurred, she realized the true nature of her source of power and went on to find an alternate, more permanent source instead.

Though originally born as a tsukumogami from a taiko drum, Raiko now borrows the "magic energy" of modern drummers from the outside world, which is why she uses a modern-day drumset. She shared this energy with the Tsukumo Sisters.


Raiko has red eyes and red hair. Dresses in a white suit-like dress with a criss-crossed black and red undershirt and a small purple tie. Wears black boots with red seams. Her upper body is surrounded by eight red drums and she is shown sitting on a white drum and holding two drumsticks. Has a black armband on her right arm. She also has red lipstick.


In all of Raiko's dialogue, she seems to simply want to be free. She seems laid-back and doesn't think much of stealing magic from the outside world. At the end of the Extra Stage, she usually makes friends with the main character, as well, so she has no real ill intent. She does insist on keeping her freedom to make some noise during concerts, though.



  • Her first name, Raiko, (らいこ 雷鼓) means Thunder Drum. Her last name, Horikawa (堀川) means "Canal".
  • Her unique bullet is a taiko drum.
  • Some fans think that the Prismriver Sisters are the inspiration for Raiko Horikawa, Benben Tsukumo and Yatsunashi Tsukumo, Aka the Tsukumogami Youkai.



Fan art

Theme Music

Touhou 東方14 DDC OST 7 Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat(Raiko Horikawa's Theme)05:56

Touhou 東方14 DDC OST 7 Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat(Raiko Horikawa's Theme)

【東方14 DDC OST】 始原のビート ~ Pristine Beat (GUITAR PERCUSSION DUET)03:41

【東方14 DDC OST】 始原のビート ~ Pristine Beat (GUITAR PERCUSSION DUET)


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