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Raiju is a Category IV Kaiju, and the quaternary antagonist in Pacific Rim. He was one of the Kaiju created by the Precursors.

Pacific Rim

Raiju passed thorugh the inter dimensional breach deep in the ocean with the mission of protecting it from human attack along with it's fellow Kaiju, Scunner and Slattern. Two human controlled Jaegers, Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger, approach with the intention of detonating a nuclear bomb in the breach to seal it. Raiju and Scunner then attack Gipsy simultaniously, which catches the Jaeger off guard momentarily. Raiju circles Gipsy, eventually ripping the mech's arm completely off before it can kill Scunner. While Scunner recovers from his battle wounds, Raiju circles around and attempts to finish Gipsy off. Gipsy however, using its secondary sword, bisects Raiju as he unintentionally charges head first into the blade, killing him instantly. 


  • During production, he was nicknamed "Croc".


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