Raigyon Dogma Kaijin
Raigyon: A piranha monster. He was originally Ooichi Taketo, a new local immigrant to Tokyo who takes in child ruffians as disciples for his dojo that teaches Gai Ryuken - a martial artist technique that favors violence. Spreading his teachings and recruiting children all throughout Tokyo is simply his plan to indoctrinate the people to Dogma's values. He gained his reputation by ruthlessly beating a restaurant freeloader and a reckless biking gang, claiming that he seeks for justice that the police are incapable of dealing. He then attempts to coerce Kazuya into becoming an affiliate but is immediately rebuked. In his monster form he can spray sparks in his "Hanabi Kousen" (Fireworks Beam) attack. Destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Whirlwind Kick. However, his defeat enabled his true form Gyosutoma to memorize recorded video footage of Kamen Rider Super-1's martial techniques.