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The Rahkshi are insectoid villains that appeared in the BIONICLE series. They are army of evil warriors that served as the soldiers for the Brotherhood of Makuta

The Rahkshi are in reality not living creatures, but an armor suits that were controlled by worm-like creatures called Kraata.

There are also another Rahkshi species who were known as the wild Rahkshi. However unlike the Brotherhood's Rahkshi, these wild Rahkshi were known to live independently on their own and were known to fight against the other Rahkshi as well.



Over 100,000 years ago when the Makuta were created by the Great Beings, they formed the Brotherhood of Makuta as the organization came into being. Then, they began to create the army of Rahkshi by placing the Kraata into their bodies and mold them into becoming soldiers along with the Toa Hagah,VisorakExo-Toa and some Rahi.

During the Brotherhood's rule, the Rahkshi serve as both the soldiers and bodyguards as their task was to maintain the balance of the Matoran population.

When the League of Six Kingdoms led by Pridak; the former servant of the Brotherhood attempt to overthrow the Great Spirit by invading Metru Nui, Makuta Miserix ordered Teridax to assemble an alliance army of Toa Mangai, Rahkshi, Visorak, Vahki, Exo-Toa, Toa Hagah, various Rahi and various Toa to stop Pridak and his army. The counterattack was a success as the allied forces finally defeated the League of Six Kingdoms along with the Barraki as well. When Teridax and some Makuta fall to the dark side, the Brotherhood of Makuta eventually became evil and corrupted. To this end, they began to used the Rahkshi, Visorak and the rest of their army to begin to oppress the Matoran.

Reign of Shadows

With Teridax finally taken control inside the Great Spirit Robot, he make his first move by sending the army of Rahkshi and the Exo-Toa across the Matoran Universe. He also have them captured the remaining Makuta and made them to create more Rahkshi before eliminating them when they have lived out their usefulness towards him. He then sent the rest of the Rahkshi to invade both the islands of Daxia and Artakha, as the Rahkshi successfully ruined Daxia and killed some of the Order agents there.

List of Rahkshi

  • Known Rahkshi
  • Other Rahkshi
    • Rahkshi of Accurancy
    • Rahkshi of Adaptation
    • Rahkshi of Chain Lightning
    • Rahkshi of Chameleon
    • Rahkshi of Confusion
    • Rahkshi of Cyclone
    • Rahkshi of Darkness
    • Rahkshi of Density Control
    • Rahkshi of Dodge
    • Rahkshi of Elasticity
    • Rahkshi of Lightning
    • Rahkshi of Fire Resistance
    • Rahkshi of Gravity
    • Rahkshi of Ice Resistance
    • Rahkshi of Illusion
    • Rahkshi of Insect Control
    • Rahkshi of Invulnerability
    • Rahkshi of Laser Vision
    • Rahkshi of Magnetism
    • Rahkshi of Mind Reading
    • Rahkshi of Molecular Disruption
    • Rahkshi of Plantlife
    • Rahkshi of Plasma
    • Rahkshi of Power Scream
    • Rahkshi of Quick Healing
    • Rahkshi of Rahi Control
    • Rahkshi of Shapeshifting
    • Rahkshi of Silence
    • Rahkshi of Sleep
    • Rahkshi of Slowness
    • Rahkshi of Sonics
    • Rahkshi of Stasis Field
    • Rahkshi of Teleportation
    • Rahkshi of Vacuum
    • Rahkshi of Weather Control
  • Rahkshi Kaita
  • "Kraata-Kal" (Later joined the Dark Hunters)


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