Ragnar is the tertiary antagonist in The Welkin Weasels book two Castle Storm.


Ragnar is the lord of the region of Welkin island and he is constantly duking it out with Lord Haukin, a fellow stoat lord, and Ragnar is also a stoat, but he is much more arrogant, foolish, greedy, deceitful, manipulative, uncompromising, power-hungry, oppressive and warmongering than Haukin, who likes a solitary and peaceful life. Haukin is aristrocratic, but nowhere near like Ragnar. It is said that Ragnar likes gluttony, wealth, war and chaos. He relentlessly tortures his serfs, and he is foul and abusive, although he appears honest and well-caring with his allies. Ragnar is extremely foolish, and he is in perpetual war with the rats who seek to conquer Welkin. However, Ragnar is stupid, and this gets the better of him when he is in war with the rats.

Ragnar and Haukin engage in alliance to fight the rats, but the alliance is brief, and Ragnar hates Haukin and all other stoat lords. Ragnar viciously fights the rats and in the thick of it, he ignores an order from Haukin to watch his back, and is hacked to death by the rats, who tear his corpse apart and throw his legs to the four winds.


Ragnar's corpse is later used to fool the stoats, weasels and returned humans into thinking that Haukin has been executed, when he hasn't.