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Ragnar is the main antagonist of the TV series Paradise Cafe. He is the leader of the sea ghosts who lived on the island before man. 

A wizard called the Sea Born defeated Ragnar before the show and he imprisoned him and other ghosts into a coral prison which Ragnar seeks to break out from. When he does he will find the reborn Sea Born and defeat him, conquering the island again, and expanding into the world. Ragnar is a cunning mastermind and he will go to any lengths to escape. He uses a ghost, Chloe, as a way of seducing the cafe owners and try to find their weakness. Chloe is also taken human form as a way to free Ragnar.

However, she defects and joins the Sea Born, becoming human. Ragnar tries to break free and almost does, but the Sea Born is revealed and he banishes Ragnar again. Ragnar is imprisoned but tries again to free himself in season 2.

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