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The Rage Virus

The Rage Virus

The Rage Virus, also known as The Infection, is a deadly virus that plays a major role in both the 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror film 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Week Later, and it embodies absolute destruction. It was created in Cambridge university by two doctors, Dr Warren and Dr Clive. The Rage Virus is a fusion of Ebola and the performance enhancer drug which Clive and Warren had created. It also appeared in the graphic novel 28 Days Later: The Aftermath and the 28 Day Later comic book series.


The Rage Virus had been developed, accidentally, in a lab in Cambridge university, becuase prior to this, uncontrollable amounts of rioting and rage-induced violence had escalated all round Britain, and the doctors were trying to control anger-management problems by developing a drug which would make people much much calmer. Unfortunately, the plan backfired: when it was administered into the Ebola Virus' strands, it mutated: a new strain of Ebola was born. This strand became the Rage Virus, a highly powerful, overwhelming strand of viral origin that within twenty-thirty seconds transformed a human into a psychotic killing machine. Once Warren and Clive injected the Virus into a criminal who was filled with psychotic rage, they could no longer tolerate this, and killed him before he could kill them. After burial, Clive suggested that they should continue experimenting on chimpanzees as they were talking about beforehand. The Rage Virus got out of control once administered to chimpanzees and the chimps became uncontrollably psychotic and attempted to break out of their cages, screaming ferociously at anyone they encountered. Warren decided not to embark on any more tests and called an activism group, explaining the horrible treatment of the chimpanzees, and then shot himself. The group would break in that same night.

Role in 28 Days Later

Once the activists arrived, they were unaware of the viral threat and proceeded to free the chimpanzees. Dr Clive was there and he attempted to call security, shocked by what was happening. However, the activists stopped him alerting anyone and asked him to explain himself. He told them that he knew why they were there and that they thought they were making things better, but they were not. He said that the chimps were Infected, and when repeatedly asked what they were Infected with, he didn't want to say at first, saying they must seek a cure, but eventually said it was "Rage" they were Infected by. After a pause, the activists didn't believe him and decided to open the cages, saying he was mad, but eventually one chimp ran out of its cage and bit a female activist on the throat, tearing it open, and spreading the Rage Virus into her bloodstream and saliva. She began vomiting amounts of Infected blood, which hit the other activists in the face, Infecting them too. Dr Clive attempted to kill the woman, but this time she killed him. Then the newly Infected activists began rampaging out of the university and killed and Infected everyone inside and in the city of Cambridge. Thus the Infection spread through the whole country of Britain, starting in the South, and then moving up North.

A month later, a courier named Jim awoke from a truck-induced coma and found that the whole of London was deserted, all its inhabitants having been killed by the Infected hordes - the Rage Virus had prevailed. He survived numerous attacks by the Infected and eventually escaped the country with the help of more survivors.

Another month later, the Infected had all died of starvation.

Role in 28 Weeks Later

This sequel starts during the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus and has several survivors in a cottage, hiding from the Infected. Among them is Don and Alice Harris, whose kids are in Spain and thus escaped. A young boy comes rushing in and reveals he has been followed by the Infected, who attack, screaming and biting, and Infect or kill nearly all the survivors. Don gives up his wife for dead, and runs off, pursued by the Infected, who do their best to kill or Infect him, but he manages to go downriver, where they cannot follow.

Some weeks later, the Infected are all dead of starvation and NATO begins repopulating Britain.

When Alice's kids do return, they meet their father, who lies about Alice being dead, as he never saw her die. So his kids go off looking for her. They do find her, in their old house, but they also find that the Army has followed them and takes them back to the Headquarters. The Army do blood tests on Alice and find her Infected by the Rage Virus, yet somehow showing no symptoms - she is a Carrier of the Virus. Later that night, Don goes in to Alice's room and apologizes for leaving her, kisses her, and is Infected by the Rage Virus, starting off the Second Outbreak, killing many and Infecting a sizeable amount of people. Don's kids survive and Don kills Alice. Don's kids escape with soldiers and are pursued by the Infected, yet the Army defeat many Infected with an airborne helicopter attack. Don's kids and a soldier make their way into the Underground in London, yet it is filled with those the Infected have killed, and they have trouble moving, and the Infected Don appears halfway down the stairs and kills the soldier brutally, leaving his kids to escape. Don then reappears and tries to Infect his son, yet his daughter kills him. She checks her brother to see if he is Infected, yet he has become a Carrier like his mother. So they escape to France with another soldier.

However, a month later, a Third Outbreak has occurred, in France.


The Rage Virus has symptoms like rabies, and the Ebola Virus, which is its origin. Quickly transforming a host into a killing machine within a minute, the Virus causes the Infected to all have bloodshot, glaring red eyes, and they bleed from their noses and mouth and scalp. The Infected drool blood, presumably because their internal organs have all been destroyed and mashed up by the Virus, leaving them a never-ending supply of blood to drool out and Infect others with. Their blood is a weapon, because it is Infectious, and can Infect anyone it comes in contact with.

The Rage Virus can also give its hosts extra stamina, causing them to run for hours and miles without ever tiring. They will run forever, as long as they have an unInfected human on their heels. As soon as their prey leaves their personal space, they will stop running. The Infected also can last for up to three months without food, before eventually dying of starvation at the climax. The Rage Virus causes those Infected to twitch their limbs constantly when they are not running, due to the replication of the Virus throughout their system.


  • The Virus is called "Rage". "Rage" is also the French name of rabies.
  • Perhaps due to this, the third outbreak was in France.

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