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Do not trouble yourself with that minter con. They are long since vanished.
~ Ragath to Raptor

Ragath was an Elite Shipmaster who led the armada and fleet over Halo. He serves as one of the main antagonists of Rise of the Spartans.

As part of Ooskoo's brotherhood, he always wanted to become a Fleet Master even to the point of killing his master. He led a Covenant armada over Halo with the intentions of activating the rings and kill the humans. He soon went down to Halo with some Honor Guards and he and his forces managed to killed Raptor, Ooskoo, Whisper, Brass, Nightflash and Ocelot. Ragath, with the help of Sev, activated Halo and fought Swift which caused him to die. After Swift revived those who died on Halo, Ragath became furious and planned on killing Swift for revenge but Sev murdered Ragath with his Focus Rifle.

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