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Ragana is the main antagonist in the 2015 animated series Lego Elves.

Early Life

When Ragana was young, she was once a fire elf with little to no magic that made other elves make fun of her. After years of being harassed, Ragana drank from the Shadow Fountain, without hesitation, which increased her powers but also made her evil.


Ragana appeared in Dragons to Save, Time to be Brave, where she was after a dragon and her eggs. Fortunately, a female water elf, named Naida, saw this and managed to run off with the eggs.. However, Ragana was able to take one of the eggs from her. Emily Jones, a human who discovered Elvendale and befriended the elves, saw this happen in her dream. So she used her grandmother's pendent to return her to Elvendale and to seek the help of her friends. As she rejoiced with them, she told them about her dream of that occurrence before her friends could even tell her. Naida explained to Emily about Ragana's past and motivation. After learning this, Emily and her elf friends go to the dragon school that is owned by a male water elf named Tidus. Tidus reveals to the elves an hourglass, showing them the time that the baby dragons have to live without their mother. In order to save them, Tidus tells them to look for a book, located at a hidden marketplace


Ragana is a tall, evil elf with long purple hair and wears a black fancy dress as clothes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Black Magic-granted by the Shadow Fountain
  • Fire Based Powers-she was once a fire elf.


  • She was voiced by Heather Doerksen.

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