Rafford, also known as Raff the Sweetling, is a minor antagonist in the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. He is a man-at-arms in service of Gregor Clegane, one of the soldiers known as the "Mountain's Men".

Rafford doesn't appear in the television series; his character is combined with that of Polliver and other aspects of his character are given to Meryn Trant.


Raff is one of the lackeys of the Mountain and is part of the group that captures Arya Stark, Gendry and Hot Pie in the Riverlands. He killed Lommy with a spear in the throat after Lommy told he could not walk.

When Chiswyck tells a story about the gang rape of Layna, a 13 years old girl, in a tavern, he says Raff killed the son of the innkeeper.

When Ser Jaime Lannister stopped Harrenhal he found remains of the men of the Mountain. Bonifer Hasty refused to allow James and his group quedasen, so they marched to Riverrun as part of the forces destined to lift the siege of the fortress. After the fall of Riverrun, he was ordered to escort Rafford Ser Robin Ryger and Ser Desmond Grell to Maidenpool for your trip to Muro and ensure that arrived alive. After that he arrives at King's Landing with some other Mountain's Men, the city now being controlled by Lord Regent Kevan Lannister, Lord Mace Tyrell, Lord Randyll Tarly, and the High Septon. Ser Kevan sends the Mountain's Men with Ser Harys Swyft's household, to Braavos.

Raff is one of the guards who escorts the master of coin, Ser Harys Swyft, to Braavos, to negotiate the debt with the Iron Bank of Braavos. He tells he's going to kill Harys for Cersei, if Harys fails to make a bargain with the Iron Bank. Ser Harys, Raff, and the other guards attend at the performance of The Bloody Hand. A 11 years old girl named Mercy (Arya Stark) seduces him in her room. Once Raff is undressed she stabs him in the thigh, making him unable to walk. Arya stabs him in the throat, using the same word Raff told to her friend Lommy. His body is thrown in a canal.