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Raff in Tummy Trouble

Raff is an alien of the Sylonnoids and the commander in the Incursean empire. He is currently the right-hand man of Attea.


Raff is a tall humanoid with silver metallic upper halves and a visible brain. He has a metallic circle on his forehead, black eyes with pink pupils and a line in the middle which runs down from around his eyes to his mouth. He wears black clothing with a purple streak in the middle, sliver cuffs and purple gloves.

X = Ben + 10

On the Incursean ship, Frolic tells Raff that he was ambushed by Sevenseven. Raff and Frolic go to Emperor Milleous. Raff then teleports to Earth and tells the Incurseans to put their weapons down where Ben Tennyson's team are. It is shown that him and Kevin Levin are close friends. Gwen later teleports, Raff Ben's team and the Incurseans back to the ship.

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