Radriar Infinity Blade

Raidriar, or The God King, is one of the bosses in the game Infinity Blade, and Infinity Blade II. It looks like a normal warrior, however, hei s the most powerful Deathless in the world, and is the only one that holds The Infinity Blade in hands.

Infinity Blade

In the beggining of the first game, a normal warrior appears in the elevator, with the objective to defeat Raidriar. But after prove his skills, Raidriar jumps in front of him, and then shows his powerful blade. After, he stabs the hero, killing him. Raidriar says that when the Bloodline has matured again, he will return.

When Siris/Ausar goes to Dark Citadel to avenge his father, he defeat all the titans and try to defeat Raidriar(of course in your first time playing you'll not defeat him). When Siris defeats Raidriar, he takes The Infinity Blade and stabs him, like he did with his father. Raidriar says that is impossible, that he's immortal. After that, he dies, and Siris takes the sword, and goes to Raidriar's dungeous.

Infinity Blade II

Radriar Infiniy Blade 2

In the tutorial of the game, Siris appears with his partner, Isa, to find The Worker of Secrets and free him, but first they need to know where he is. Siris fights his way to Sahdy, a deathless woman, an information dealer, that can answer a question to Siris. But when she turns angry with the question, Siris killed her and then put the sword in a similar place that he found in the dungeous of Dark Citadel.

After, Raidriar appears, with a brand new armor, saying "Yes, I thougth you might fall for that, you open the pathway to my dungeous after all". That means that Siris gave The Infinity Blade back to Raidriar. The two start to talk, and Raidriar calls Siris with the name Ausar(later in the game it's revealed that Siris is a Deathless with the name Ausar), and when Raidriar was ready to stab Siris, Isa takes a Crossbow and shoots him in the head, knowing that he will be reborn and not killed by the blade.

When Siris fight all the blood sentinels and Thane, one of the Deathless, he finds the Worker and he says that only Raidriar can free him from that prison, and Siris go back to the place he found Raidriar before. When he arrives, the two fight. If you loose, Radriar will say "Oh ever the fool, you won't escape me again", and will stab Siris like everytime. But if you win, Siris takes the sword and then Raidriar says: "You were aways, a vile proting wretch, Ausar... Killing me will not end this you know". Then Siris "punchs" him in the head with the sword and takes him to the prison, to free the worker, that imprison Siris and Raidriar together in that prison, forever, until someone come to free them.