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Radley Madish's appearance.

Radley Madish
is the main antagonist in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! and Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. In PL2, he must be defeated to unlock Papa Louie. In PL3, he must be defeated to unlock Alberto and Penny.


Radley Madish had a very deep grudge against Papa Louie and his customers. Before the events of Papa Louie 2, he met Sarge and the two decided to work together to destroy Papa Louie's empire. Radley disguised himself by wearing a trenchcoat and entered Papa's Burgeria during the restaurant's "Free Burger Day" promotion. He threw a warp coin into the tip jar, causing twenty-eight customers to enter the Land of Munchmore, filled with baddies Radley created. Eventually, after Sarge is defeated, Radley is the boss of level 9.

After his humiliating defeat in the last game, Radley fired Sarge and hired a man named Luau LePunch. He came up with an even more sinister plan: to hijack the Seaside Freezeria cruise. He kidnapped Alberto and Penny and forced them to make his Sundaesauruses, which he used with other new enemies to keep Captain Cori from stopping him and freeing the other captives.

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