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Radiel was one of the main antagonist in the universe of The Paladin by Jazza Studios, Moonkey 

and Newgrounds. 

Radiel was a simply farmboy, living peacefully amoung the local residents. One day, the god of death Kognor came to him. He lied to the boy and trained him in ways of necromancy. When he had mastered the art, Kognor possed his body. His appears was now altered to that of an old man.

Under his control, Radiel would take control of the planet's inheritance and raise them all as undead. He would remain unopposed until The Paladin shows up. He observed The Paladin from the great stone tower and greeted him at the top. Radiel would kills The Paladin's companion crow and force him to fight his now undead fatherly figure, the Priest. 

After a fight with a dragon, the injured Paladin struck Radiel through the chest. However, this did not hurt him but only released the god of death.

Radiel falls to the ground dead, ruturning to his former farmboy self. He woudl be revived when Auron kills Kognor. 

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