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Radi Jeager was a major antagonist in the 2008 video game "Valkyria Chronicles" and it's 2009 anime adaptation. He was voiced by Akio Otsuka in Japanese and English dubbed by Patrick Seitz.


During the First Europan War, he was defeated by Berthold Gregor. He was released by Maximilian in return for joining his ranks. Jeager hoped to regain his country's independence rather than doing it for royalty.

In the Game

At Girlandio, Jeager, Gregor, Selvaria, and Maximilian were seen discussing tactics about the Second Europan War. Jeagor headed to the supply base in a forest, telling soldiers to pack up and retreat while using his tank, "Lupus", to eliminate the Gallian forces. Afterwards, he and the others left while the base got cut off.

Later, after hearing that Maximilian was forcing Selvaria Bles to sacriface herself for nearly no reason, Jaeger did not act impressed. However, he was impressed that the Marmota was finished. Before Jaeger left, he told Selvaria that he really felt sorry for her. At the bridge to Rangitz, he fights Squad 7 for the last time with his improved tank "Lupus Regnum". In the end, he survived the battle and left the Empire. He persumably went back to his homeland, Fhirald.


In the anime version, Jeagor was shot and seemingly killed by Maximilian for insuborination. However, in the end, he was seen walking with a few members of Squad 7.