Stuart Little Racoons

The Racoons are villains in Stuart Little: The Animated Series. They are the main antagonists in "The Great Outdoors".

They stopped the Guard from a Camping Trip. they were defeated by getting arrested. Like the other villains, they were never seen again. 


The Raccoons are mean, cruel, greedy, serious, cocky, rude, brash, pitiless, scornful, desperate, obnoxious, diabolical, argumentative, discourteous, vindictive, truculent, vicious, angry, evil, sneaky, jealous, baleful, and arrogant. They were also selfish towards Snowbell. 


  • They were the first Stuart Little villains to be in the TV show. 
  • They also had the same personailty as Scar and Tiger.
  • Their personailty are very similar to Falcon's.
  • The Racoons, Scar, Tiger, Falconand and The Crows are the only villains in Stuart Little: The Animated Series, unlike Monty and Snowbell who both reformed and no longer villains in the rest of the series.