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Racist couple

The Racist couple appear in anime episode 1

The Racist Couple
(an unofficial title) is a couple appearing in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls made up of two racist individuals whose only role in the series is to antagonize the kurusu household members.

Appearance Edit

The racist couple is made of a man and a woman who represent the more rebellious nature of Japan's youth and young adult demographic.

The man is noted to be around the same height as Kimihito Kurusu though having an older face thus most likely putting him around his mid-twenties with light colored hair and a stubble. He's noted to wear baggy jeans and cargo jackets and has occasionally been seen with sunglasses, and has a ring necklace around his neck.

The woman, like Papi's Mother, is a ganguro, with a wide forehead and obscene amounts of makeup, and false eyelashes. She wears large amounts of jewelry, wearing two hoop earrings, two bead necklaces and a leather jacket.

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