Rachel Virginia Gatina is one of the main antagonists of the CW television series "One Tree Hill". She was one of the two main antagonists of Season 3, an anti-heroine/minor antagonist in Season 4 and Season 5, and the main antagonist of Season 7, Part 1.

She was portrayed by Danneel Harris.


Rachel is first introduced in Season 3 and is the main antagonist of this season, mainly being an enemy to Brooke Davis. In Season 4, however, she and Brooke become friends. She is only seen twice in season 5 and once in Season 6 and 8. She appears as an antagonist in Season 7, now married to Dan Scott. The two later divorce.

During Season 3, she releases the videos from the time capsule in an effort to show how people really are. Rachel's actions made her indirectly responsible for the deaths of Jimmy Edwards and Keith Scott as she released Jimmy's video, which showed him bashing everyone at Tree Hill High and he brought a gun to school the next day after being beaten up at Tric. 

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Rachel slowly gained redemption in the group, but still remained a sort of anti-hero amongst them.

Rachel returns to Tree Hill in Season 7, now married to Dan Scott and works with him on his television show. Though her redemption is no more and she is a manipulative villain once again.


  • Rachel is the main antagonist of Season 3, as almost every major bad thing this season somehow relates back to her. Such as releasing the time capsule video which caused the school shooting that resulted in Keith's death, turning the cheerleaders "dark", causing the wreck at the end of the season.
  • Rachel was a villain in season 3, an anti-hero/occasional villain in season 4, an anti-hero turned villain in season 5, and a villain again in season 7.
  • She is like the evil Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill on the show.