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Wait, doesn't that just give you an easy out if the movie's bad?
~ Racer complaining about his present.

Racer, based on the real life son of Robert Rodriguez, is the main antagonist in the review of the infamously awful movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Its ambiguous as to his/her gender, probably the Critic's way of taking the piss out of most Hollywood films where kids are left ambiguous as to gender. The real Racer is a boy, but despite this, he/she was played by Tamara Chambers.


Racer is first shown in the opening where he requests it's his birthday and that he wants a good present. His father, Robert, says that he has no time for Racer because he's working on the film script - even going so far as to get his own son's name wrong, calling him "Rocket" and "Rebel" and then saying "Now go play with your older siblings who have radical R names." Then Racer, in typical spoiled brat fashion, demands a good present til Robert says he has a movie based on Racer's dreams. Racer says is this just so Robert can pin the blame on Racer if the movie sucks. Robert denies this and shows him the movie.

At the end, Racer is shown to be disgusted with the film, and pouts, but then Robert says he got a car. Delighted, Racer leaves with the keys. Malcom calls him an "ungrateful little shit."