Rabid Dogs are a common type of beast found in Bloodborne.


Rabid dogs are just that, common dogs made savage by the scourge. They all possess wild, unkept fur and wounds across their bodies as if they survived a fight, with glossy eyes that characterize those under the infection. They are commonly golden retrievers, though the rabid dogs found in the Hunter's Nightmare appear to be dobermans.


As rabid dogs under the scourge, the dogs are naturally hostile, attacking the player. They do seem to have some of their former loyalty to their masters however, as they are commonly seen accompanying Huntsmen.

Powers and Abilities

As dogs they are quick, using their teeth to try and kill the Hunter.


Due to the ancient blood used by the Healing Church, the population of Yharnam fall under what is known as the Scourge, a plague sweeping across the population where their thirst for blood drives them mad, turning them into literal beasts. Rabid Dogs are a result of the tainted blood entering into the food chain, infecting the dogs that roam in Yharnam.