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Rabbit is mad vector by shayla567-d56kf60

Rabbit is the main antagonist in Skunk Fu!. He didn't believe that Panda's way is the right way to go. So he makes his own school, his motto "Always Fight Dirty, Make the Enemy Hurty!". He can also use Skunk to choose the wrong path (which is his way).

Fighting Techniques

  • The Art of Attitude: A technique that Rabbit taught Skunk, it's his way of making an example of his motto. Skunk even used his art to defeat Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys. Rabbit and Skunk got in trouble when Panda found out, their punishment was push-ups.
  • The Art Of The Stink: In this episode, Rabbit enlists the help of Ox, Bird, and Pig to collect Skunk's stink in jars to use as a weapon. Skunk isn't very happy when he finds out what's going on.