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Before I go, Spawny and I would like to introduce you to a new friend of ours. He's "Top Banana" around here!
~ Bowser Jr. about Rabbid Kong
Rabbid Kong, also referred to as "Top Banana", is a minor antagonist in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. He is a fusion of a Rabbid and Donkey Kong created by Spawny who is later made to fight Mario and his team by Bowser Jr.


After Bowser Jr. confronts Mario and his team and tricks Spawny into becoming his ally, he tosses the group a large banana and tells them that he would like them to meet a new friend of his. As Bowser Jr. flies off, Rabbid Kong smashes through a large pile of building blocks, grabs the banana from the team and begins to fight them. In order to defeat Rabbid Kong, the player must make their way up to a giant pressure plate positioned in front of Rabbid Kong, which will drop all of his bananas into a pit and leave him distracted and open for attack. If the player attempts to attack Rabbid Kong before releasing the bananas, he will simply eat one of the bananas and regain all of the health he lost. Additionally, if the player stands in front of Rabbid Kong, he will attack them and deal fifty damage. After repeating this process three times, Rabbid Kong angrily tries to make his last stand by climbing to the top of a fragile stack of building blocks and beating his chest, however, Rabbid Peach knocks out one of the tower's blocks, causing the entire structure to topple and Rabbid Kong to fall off of the mountain.


Rabbid Kong is best described as being driven and easily angered, if somewhat dimwitted and small minded. He is completely obsessed with bananas, and will try to harm or kill anyone he believes to be a threat to them. After being hit by the player and replenishing his health, he will arrogantly laugh at them, having taken enjoyment out of their attempt to hurt him. Despite his differences in size and appearance, much like the other Rabbids, he is vaguely smart and clever, climbing up the building block tower without realizing that it was unstable. Although he is extremely bad-tempered, obstreperous, belligerent, and unfriendly, in his supposed final moments, he photobombs one of Rabbid Peach's selfies in good spirit.


  • Rabbid Kong, Bwario and Bwaluigi are the only Rabbid hybrids in the game to be both fusions of Rabbids and mainstream Mario characters and be fought as bosses.
    • Currently, it is unknown if Rabbid Kong is a fusion between a Rabbid and the real Donkey Kong or a piece of Donkey Kong memorabilia from the Genius Girl's room, however in the trailer for the Donkey Kong DLC reveals that the real Donkey Kong didn't fuse with a Rabbid but rather helped them.
  • Strategically, the player can place themselves over a pressure plate before Rabbid Kong gets to that area of the map, meaning that the bananas will be automatically released once he regains his health.
  • Rabbid Kong's battle theme is a remix of Jungle Japes' music from Donkey Kong 64.
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