Ra-Baruba-De is the first Ra to appear, assuming the guise of a Rose-Tattooed Woman, she is labeled "Unidentified Life Form B1" and served as the judge for Zu and Me group Gurongi, as well as bringing Go into the game before making visits to Nagano.

Rose-Tattooed Woman

Though glimpses of her true form were seen, she never assumed it before any human and was believed by Ichijo to be #0. However, when she realizes how far humans have changed after being wounded by Ichijo, Baruba hints the Kuuga/Daguva relation before she hospitalized the detective for being able to actually hurt her and starts to warn the other Gurongi to no longer underestimate the humans. During Daguva's attack, she is encountered by Ichijo as she reveals that humans will soon be "like the Gurongi" before running off, with Ichijo forced to use 8 Nerve-Breaking Bullets to take her down as her lifeless body falls into the sea and is unable to be found.