Alfredo Castro as Raúl Peralta, in Tony Manero's full costume.

Raúl Peralta (played by Alfredo Castro) is the main character and villain in Pablo Larraín's 2008 film Tony Manero.

He is a 52-year old man who is obsessed with Saturday Night Fever; more specifically with its protagonist Tony (hence the title of the movie), whose goal is to win a TV show impersonation contest based on this character. Raúl lives with two fatherless families -one of these women being his couple- in a big old house whose hall is also used as a restaurant. Political issues seem to affect relationships to some degree, the kids being against Pinochet's dictatorship and their mothers sympathising with it, while Peralta is indifferent towards the military regime (the film is set in the late 70's). They are preparing a musical number where they dance for the customers to the song You Should be Dancing by the Bee-Gees (also featured in Saturday Night Fever), which means that by appearing on TV, Raúl is probably wanting to gain notoriety for their show, besides money. It is the production of this number that'll take his obsession to murderous extremes.