R0B0-PR1M3 is a special R0B0-B34R5 and may be their leader, along with Fluffy. He appears in the videogame Naughty Bear.


R0B0-PR1M3 was a robot created by Fluffy. He, along with the other Robo-Bears, worked with Fluffy to create a Robotic super-brain. It is unknown what Fluffy's goal was, htough it is possible Fluffy built R0B0-PR1M3 and the other Robo-Bears to protect the island from Naughty Bear. Naughty follows one Robo-Bear and it leads him to the Robors and Fluffy. Naughty sees Fluffy hand one Robo-Bear a Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonator, which is incredibly dangerous. The unseen narrator tells Naughty that if the Resonators are used by the super-brain, it will create a Quantum Rift that will end the universe. Naughty sets out to stop Fluffy and destroy the super-brain.

The Robo-Bears roam the island, probably to protect the super-brain from Naughty. Naughty fights his way through them and arrives at the R0B0 Factory, where R0B0-PR1M3, Fluffy, and the super-brain are located. Since R0B0-Pr1M3 are in the same area, it is likely he was protecting Fluffy. His efforts prove useless, however, as Naughty kills Fluffy, destroys the super-brain, and obliterates R0B0-PR1M3 before returning to his hut.


R0B0-PR1M3 looks and acts like the other R0B0-B34R5s. He marches arround the area, but when he sees Naughty, he hovers fast either to him or away from him. He is also equipped with a Power Fist, a robotic glove that packs a powerful punch. All of the Robo-Bears have these abilities. However, there is one difference that separates R0B0-PR1M3 from the others: he has a thin red visor that covers his eyes. However, it is possible the visors are his eyes.


  • Even though R0B0PR1M3 was created by Fluffy, he will kill Fluffy if attacked. This unlocks the achievement "Rebellion." The player unlocks this achievement by putting on the R0B0-PR1M3 costume and attacking Fluffy, causing Fluffy to think the Robo-Bears attacked him and causing him to attack any Robo-Bear he sees, prompting them to retaliate by killing him.