R0B0-B34R5 (Robo-Bears) are robotic bears created by Fluffy and villains in Naughty Bear.


Episode 6

They are the main faction in this episode. Naughty Bear is playing with a fluffrog when a Robo-Bear comes and crushes it under it's foot. The narrator tells Naughty to follow it as it walks away. Naughty finds out they were made by Fluffy and are creating a giant super-brain. Fluffy then hands one of the Robo-Bears a Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonator, which are incredibly dangerous. While Fluffy's motives remain unknown, the Resonators will create a quantum rift that will end the universe. The narrator persuades Naughty to punish Fluffy for this. All over the island, Rono-Bears are walking around aimlessly. In the final zone, there is one Robo-Bear, R0B0-PR1M3, that has a thin red visor covering it's eyes, although it is possible the visor is its eyes.

Episode 7

Robo-Bears appear in episode 7 as well, when Emperor Xoon and the Alien Bears take over the island. They have mind-control helmets on their head, which is odd as they are robots.


Their initial movements are clunky at best, but when alerted to Naughty Bear's presence, they are able to hover quickly. Each R0B0-B34R is equipped with a Power-Fist which makes it impractical of them to search for a different weapon. They, like many other bears, will not enter the wooded areas.

Though they are robotic, they are not immune to Naughty Bear's scare tactics. When they are driven to the brink, they go berserk and explode.