The R-Dash 5,000 from Magic.Mov

Crush, kill, destroy, swag!
~ R-Dash 5,000

R–Dash 5,000 is a mechanical replica of Rainbow Dash and the secondary antagonist in HotDiggedyDemon's PONY.MOV series.

Role in the story

The android was created by Twilight Sparkle in MAGIC.MOV to be the replacement of Rainbow Dash (brutally killed by Fluttershy in SHED.MOV) as the new Element of Loyalty. According to Twilight Sparkle, R–Dash 5,000 was designed to be "physically superior to Rainbow Dash in every way" (possibly as a reference to Mecha Sonic). Due to a glitch in its programming, the robot became hostile to all life upon activation, went rogue (which is rather hilarious given that it was intended to replace the Element of Loyalty), escaped from Twilight's lab and then started to destroy Ponyville along with Discord and the demon accidentally summoned by Twilight Sparkle previously in the same episode.

At the end of the series, R-Dash 5000 is not defeated per se, but instead is "undone" by Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom which destroys and rewrites reality. In the new reality, Discord is defeated before R-Dash 5000 is unleashed.

Powers and Abilities

Albeit devoid of pegasus wings, R–Dash 5,000 can fly using the jetpack attached to its back. Its front hooves are equipped with powerful laser cannons. In PARTY.MOV, it is revealed R–Dash 5,000 is capable of self-replication, the infinite swarm of killbots causing more damage than ever before.


  • R-Dash's catchphrase "CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. SWAG." (a combination of cliche killer robot sayings with PONY.MOV Rainbow Dash's own catchphrase "Swag") has gained massive memetic popularity on the internet.