One of the Quoatles

The Quoatles are mythical flying serpents of Aztec legends and the namesake servants of their master Quetzalcoatl. They are minor villains in the episode "The Treasure of Sierra Tamale" of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


There were two Quoatles that guarded the alleged gold statue of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. The first, of red plumage, was trapped by Ray Stantz when he utilized the SCEP-TECH, while the other was their would-be guide, Paco. In his true form, Paco is of purple plumage like his human form's poncho and hat.


Paco is a Quoatle able to assume human form. He guided Ray Stantz, Slimer, and Jim Venkman on their quest to find the treasure. During a battle, Paco accidentally trapped the trio behind a trap door. Slimer asked him to enlist the help of the other Ghostbusters. Paco agreed and called the Ghostbusters in New York. While in his Quoatle form, Paco manages to avoid capture by the Ghostbusters and managed to free Ray, Slimer, and Charlie. After returning to human form when the Ghostbusters defeated Quetzalcoatl, he changed back to his true form and returned to the temple once the guys agreed to tell others not to look for the treasure anymore. It turned out that Paco's plan was to use a group of adventurers to convince the outside world to leave the treasure alone. While on the flight back to the States, Jim spreads his cover story that the temple collapsed as the expedition team escaped.

Powers and Abilities

The Quoatles possesses the power of flight, pyrokinesis, and shapeshifting. Without knowing it, Egon Spengler got strong readings off of Paco, while it was in human form.



  • None of the Ghostbusters knew that Paco was a Quoatle.


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