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Quintus Lentulus Batiatus was the main antagonist of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and the main protagonist of its prequel Spartacus: God of the Arena.

He was a lanista and Spartacus's master. Insatiably greedy and ambitious, he schemes to become a Roman magistrate. His schemes including ridding himself of his business rival Solonius, as well as gaining sufficient advantage with the local

magistrate Calavius and legatus Glaber so that they will provide him patronage.

However, after refusing to support his ambition, Batiatus kidnaps and kills Calavius. Using blackmail and the aid of Ashur, he has Solonius condemned to the arena, framed for Calavius's murder, and earns the support of Glaber by threatening to reveal that his wife has murdered a noble woman. His plans to control Spartacus (killing his wife so he has no reason to attain his freedom) are uncovered and he was slain by Spartacus in the season finale.