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Quint Lane

Quint Lane is a powerful Lycan werewolf hybrid, and is the secondary antagonist in Underworld: Awakening and is the son of scientist and Lycan leader Jacob Lane.

He was portrayed by Kris Holden-Ried.



Quint's hybrid form.

Quint Lane is the polar opposite of the Vampire Selene; whereas she is a Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid, he is a Lycan-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. His strength is extreme even for one of his species, due to his multiple injections of a serum developed by Antigen from the tissues of Selene and Michael Corvin's daughter, Eve. He has the ability to heal almost instantly, as well as having an apparent immunity to silver.

Due to his extreme strength, his father uses him as the "muscle" of Antigen, ordering him to hunt down any enemies or threats to the company, including attacking Selene and killing Lida, a scientist who had threatened to expose Antigen for their mistreatment of Eve.

Little is known of Quint's background or family life, other than a single comment made by his father suggesting that Quint's mother "abandoned" the family by choosing not to become a Lycan. Whether this points to Quint and his father intentionally becoming Lycans, or whether they were both bitten accidentally and tried to force Quint's mother to become a Lycan as well, is unknown.

Quint leads the assault on a Vampire Coven, in which he and other Lycans kill nearly every Vampire there. He and his forces then leave when the remaining Vampires gift him with the Tri-blood Hybrid, Eve. Quint faces Selene in a final battle in the parking garage of his father's company, where she follows him in the hopes of saving her daughter.

When Selene enters an entrance too small for Quint, he is forced to shift back to human form. Selene confronts Quint for the last time and punches a hole on his stomach and stuffs a silver grenade in it. When his instant healing takes place, his wounds close, sealing the grenade inside. The grenade explodes, and seconds later he is consumed by silver poisoning to his internal organs, killing him, his so-called "immunity" to silver revealed to be only skin-deep.


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