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Kirge Opie

Quilge Opie is a member of the Wandenreich's Sternritter with the letter J - 'The Jail' and also served as the Executive Hunting Captain of the First Jagdarmee of Hueco Mundo. 


Quilge is a thin man with pronounced cheekbones and a shaved head, save for a black fringe and a crop of hair on his scalp. He wears circular glasses which also serve as a communications device. Unlike the other Sternritter, he doesn't wear a long cloak. Instead he wears the typical Quincy shoulder mantle. He wears gloves and long, black boots, as well as a cap bearing the Wandenreich symbol.


Quilge is very authoritative and cruel, killing his own men when they ask him for assistance. He is ruthlessly cruel to Arrancars and seems to hold most people in a similarly nasty regard. He is somewhat flamboyant and eccentric. When close to death, he becomes maniacal and can fly into a rage when his nerves are tested. 

Plot - The Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Quilge Opie is introduced when the conquest of Hueco Mundo is revealed. He is overseeing the capture and detainment of Arrancars, as well as their potential enslavement into the Wandenreich ranks. Quilge presents the captured Arrancar with an opportunity to save themselves and be warriors, rather than killed. At first he tells them to kiss his boots, but in reality, he wants Arrancars who are willing to fight back against him than be outright suobordinate. When Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia attempt to do just that, Quilge is quick to subdue them, telling him men to beat them, but not kill them, as they will be useful for Yhwach

As Quilge leaves them, he contemplates how foolish Aizen was for employing such weak personnel. He is then surprised to see his own men being killed and catches the zanpakuto of Apacci Emilou, who has arrived on the scene with Franceska Mila Rose and Cyan Sun-Sun. Quilge attempts to reason with them, telling them that if they join him, they can spend their enslavement with their beloved Tier Harribel. When they refuse him, he comments on it being a pity. Later, we see Quilge has defeated the three of them without sustaining any injuries. He smirks when he spots Ichigo Kurosaki arriving on the scene. 

Quilge comments that it is a strange sight to see Ichigo and Nel together but he is already aware of who Ichigo is. Quilge sends some men to subdue him, but Ichigo defeats them before wondering if Quilge is really a Quincy. Drawing his sword, Quilge says that he is and attacks Ichigo, firing six arrows at him, all of them on point. Ichigo reveals himself however by tossing his sword down in front of Quilge and throwing his arrow back at him. Quilge emerges from the smoke, commenting on how his skills are still so weak. He then wonders how Uryu Ishida's arrows could possibly be weaeker than his own. Stating that he has said too much, Quilge says he has been ordered to kill Ichigo on the spot and so activates his Quincy final form - Quincy: Vollständig.

Now in Vollständig, Quilge continues to battle Ichigo. They clash and Ichigo attempts to hit him with Getsuga Tenshou, only to see it does no damage whatsoever. Quilge then comments that he no longer has any weak points and that Ichigo should find his form naturally terrifying. Raising his blade, Quilge attempts to hit Ichigo with the full strength of Vollständig, absorbing all of the reishi from the surrounding area. Before he can do so however, his attack his shattered from behind. When he turns round, Quilge is punched in the face by Ayon, who has been formed by Apacci, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun. 

Quilge battles Ayon, the creature quickly gaining the upper hand as it tears into him. Finally, Ayon ploughs him into the sand, leaving only his legs on show. When Apacci mocks Quilge, Quilge stabs her through the throat and everyone is horrified to see him stand back up and snap his neck back into place. Quilge comments that Yhwach will have to adjust the power of the Blut, before the halo on his head begins to light up. Quilge tells Ayon that he will be the 'first to live' and the halo begins absorbing Ayon, stripping him to the bone. Quilge reveals the ability is Sklaverai, the absolute domination of reishi. Having absorbed Ayon, his Vollständig takes on a horrific form, one which Quilge complains is tainting his holy wings with evil.

Quilge goes on a rampage, absorbing Sun-Sun's shield and attempting to kill everyone, including Chad, Orihime and Nel. Suddenly, Ichigo, now in Bankai, arrives and smashes the halo, stopping the absorption process. Quilge screams that Ichigo is a nuisance and the two fight. Later, as the Wandenreich invade Seireitei, Quilge is being pushed back by Ichigo as he continually fails to steal Ichigo's Bankai. Quilge and Ichigo battle, with Ichigo wondering if the Wandenreich are afraid of Bankai. Enraged, Quilge comments that such a thing is false, before being blasted through the chest by a Kido shot by Kisuke Urahara. Quilge collapses to the ground, defeated, as Ichigo escapes back to the Seireitei. 

Then, out of nowhere, the Garganta Ichigo is using is closed from behind him and Quilge stands back up using Ransou Tengai, having blasted Urahara. Laughing maniacally, Quilge reveals his objective was to stop Ichigo from reaching Seireitei and he reveals himself to be 'The Jail', locking Ichigo in a reishi cage in the middle of the Garganta, which Quilge closes shut. As his absorbed power begins to leave him, Quilge turns on the spot and moves to kill Chad and Orihime. Suddenly, someone strikes him from behind, splitting Quilge in two and finally killing him. 

Powers and Abilities

Blut Vene - The standard Quincy defence. Quilge pumps reiatsu through his veins to harden his skin. 

Quincy: Vollständig - Biskiel - Quile's Vollständig is capable of flight and granting him massive power and speed boosts, as well as making his reiatsu almost completely indiscernible. While in this form, he gains enormous wings and eyes that resemble the bars of a jail. 

The Jail - Quilge is able to trap his enemies in a reishi cage that only a Quincy can break free from. 

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