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Quickstrike is a Predacon who works for Megatron. He is a Fuzor, his beast form resembling a scorpion with a cobra head for its tail. He was originally a Maximal protoform, but was awakened as a Predacon by the other Predacons.

He speaks like a cowboy. Quickstrike was manipulated by Tarantulas into betraying Megatron, knocking him into a lava pit. Unlike Terrorsaur and Scorponok, Megatron survived, as he had become a Transmetal 2 at that moment, and took the form of a dragon. Quickstrike was put on trial, but the trial was interrupted when Tigerhawk arrived.

In the final episode, Quickstrike was killed along with Inferno when Megatron fired an energy wave from the Nemesis ship at the protohumans' settlement (the protohumans survived).

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