Quicksilver's evil "goofy" face
Quicksilver's Enemy is a ghost/ghoul-like demon who appeared in the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Quicksilver".

Nobody else believed the demon existed in the house that Aaron and Doug moved into. They had to stop it before it claimed another life to his dimension.

Enough is existence only appears in occult books which trigger the story first place.

Villains who similar to Quicksilver's Enemy

The Unwanted House Guest look loosey resemblance to Quicksilver's Enemy with comparisons even the two are years different.

  • Both Wear cloaks
  • Both are Supernatual (Quicksilver is demon, UHG is bogeyman-like thing)
  • Both do attack the victims/humans at night time.
  • UHG usually gave huge creepy smile to his victims, While Quicksilver rarely smiles like the picture on above to his victims.