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Quick Man is one of the eight robot masters and bosses in Mega Man 2. He is designed by Dr. Wily specifically for combat. As his name suggest, he is very fast, being on of the fastest robot masters in the series, due to being made out of lightweight materials. He is very proud of his speed and is confident. His special weapon is the Quick Boomerang, which are razor-edged small boomerang fired from his right arm. He is a wise decision maker, but tends to act on the whim. As most speedy characters, he gets bored very quickly by slowness. He's a huge fan of motor racing, whenever as a racer or a spectator, and has a friendly rivalry with Turbo Man.

In his fight, Quick Man jumps around while shooting 3 Quick Boomerangs, which will home in on Mega Man. He will also try to tackle Mega Man using his fast speed. His weakness is the Time Stopper, although it only halves his health, and grants Mega Man the Quick Boomerang when defeated.

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