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Mona Taylor 001


Washed up actress Mona Taylor was recruited by Wild Card into the Royal Flush Gang. She often clashed with the more competent Ten of Spades.

Powers and Abilities


Acting: As a Broadway actress, Mona Taylor had training as an actress.


Addictive Personality: All of Mona's skills were nullified as soon as she started drinking and gambling.



Sceptre Royale: a scepter that could change her appearance into that of any other female. She managed to successfully impersonate Lois Lane and Sue Dibny.


Card Scooter

Television History

Queen of Spades II DCAU

Queen was one of four individuals selected by Ace of the earlier Royal Flush Gang who was given powers by her to become her playmates as the hour of her death drew nearer, with Queen transformed into a female. However, Queen used his powers to confront the Justice League until he was beaten by them. After Ace's death, Queen reverted back to being male.



A staff that fired energy blasts


The idea of Queen being male is a reference to the term "Drag Queen".


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