Queen of Hearts Librarians
Off with your heads!
~ The Queen of Hearts' only line in the episode
The Queen of Hearts is a one-shot villainess from The Librarians. She appeared in Season Two's second episode, "And the Broken Staff."

She was played by Vanessa Vander Pluym.

The Queen of Hearts was released from the Alice in Wonderland storybook by Prospero, the main antagonist of Season Two. The Queen encountered Eve and Jacob at the Library, and wielded an axe at the pair, while repeatedly exclaiming her only line of dialogue: her trademark "Off with your heads!" catchphrase. The maniacal madwoman chased Eve and Jacob throughout the Library, wielding her axe and carrying her scepter. The evil Queen was finally thwarted by Eve, who forced her to look into the looking glass and sent her back to the storybook.