This article is about the versions of the Queen of Hearts that appeared in the DC Universe (most of which are members of the Royal Flush Gang). The First one is an enemy of Batman.


This version of the Queen of Hearts is a member of Mad Hatter's mind-controlled Wonderland Gang in Batman: the Animated Series. Marcia Cates has been very strict around Jervis Tech who matches her personality with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.


Queen of Hearts II

Queen oversaw recruiting of members of Metropolis' gangs - Vice Lords, Latin Kings, B.G.D. Nation - into a Metropolis-based cell of the Royal Flush Gang.

Queen of Hearts III

Queen was part of a Royal Flush Gang that attempted a robbery in Atlantic City, but she was easily defeated by Booster Gold.

Queen of Hearts IV

As part of a gamble between Amos Fortune and Roulette, Queen and her Hearts gang robbed the Museum of Natural History in New York City. They were defeated Wonder Woman and Red Tornado.

Queen of Hearts V

Queen and her Royal Flush Gang tried to commit a robbery in Las Vegas, but was stopped by Zatanna.