Queen Vulpecula Huntar

Queen Vulpecula Huntar

Queen Vulpecula Huntar is a goblin queen and a villainess in Sonic the Comic comic book series. She is the ruler and main resident of Castle Morbidden, a palace within the north of the Nameless Zone. She has a brother named Prince Catalus Huntar, who resents her constant orders, and a rat adviser named Liemould.


Vulpecula once ordered her younger brother Catalus to bring her a couple of foxes named Jimmy and Jilly for her to hunt, but they were rescued by Sonic's best friend Tails and escaped aboard Catalus' own flying ship.


Vulpecula enjoys hunting foxes, often capturing some from the kingdom to the south and then chasing them through the corridors of her castle.


  • The word "vulpecula" is Latin for "little fox". Her full name, Vulpecula Huntar, therefore means "hunter of little foxes", suiting her role.
  • Vulpecula is also a constellation in the northern sky.
  • The last name shared by Vulpecula and her brother Catalus is a pun on the word "hunter".