At last, planet Earth will feel the true might of Vorkana
~ Vorkana preparing to destroy Earth with the Nargathron crystal

Queen Vorkana is the leader of the Nargathrons and the main antagonist of the 2007 Robbie the Reindeer film Close Encounters of the Herd Kind. She is very failure intolerant as she killed one of her soldiers for dropping his gun and another one for questioning her. She also calls reindeer, elks despite being corrected twice.

She is voiced by Gillian Anderson

Close Encounters of the Herd Kind

Vorkana arrives on Earth to search for Robbie who has The Nargathron Crystal which she wants in order to destroy Earth. She arrives at the reindeer lodge wanting to know where Robbie is. His fiancée Donner pretends not to know who he is but Vorkana sees pictures of them and discovers that Donner is lying and imprisons her on the Nargathron's ship.

Robbie arrives to rescue Donner but he too is imprisoned and is hypnotised by Vorkana into revealing where the crystal is (he drew a picture of himself giving the crystal to his friend and best man Prancer) and Vorkana has her soldiers take Prancer and the other reindeer hostage and the crystal is given to her and she puts it into the ship's computer and starts a countdown to Earth's destruction.

Robbie and Donner manage to get out of their cell by tricking a Nargathron soldier into freeing them and after sending Donner back to Earth, Robbie tries to stop the countdown but Vorkana appears and tries to attack him but he uses his Nose Jump to get over to a control pad and teleports her to Earth where she gets a punch in the face from Donner's sister Em and gets arrested along with her soldiers by the Earth Guardians.


  • Five billion light years without a bathroom break and boy am I in a mood. (Vorkana's first line)
  • So you are the earthling's queen. How pathetic. (Vorkana to Donner)
  • Puny elks
  • I am Vorkana, Queen of the Nargathrons and what I want is quite simple.
  • (Sarcasticly) Oh no, the elk has a ship. We're all doomed.
  • In approximately 10 minutes, it'll just be another notch on my carapace. Some people collect beer mats, I destroy planets.
  • Let my pincers do the talking.
  • What made you think that Vorkana, Queen of the Nargathrons could be defeated by a pathetic little elk?. (Vorkana to Robbie)



  • Vorkana is similar to the Empress of the Racnoss as both have a spider-like appearance, both are rulers and both wish to destroy in Earth (Vorkana wanted to destroy Earth for a hobby whilst the Empress wanted to destroy Earth as her eggs where inside it).