Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria in the manga.

Queen Victoria is the villainous mastermind of the Phantomhive Household's arson, and Ciel Phantomhive's parents' murder.

Early life

Starting her reign on 20 of June, 1837, Victoria becomes the ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. However, a huge devastation overwhelms her when her beloved husband, King Albert, is killed by disease. She often cries in dismay when someone mentions King Albert. 

Although she is not seen, Victoria has sent Ciel Phantomhive to investigate the matter of prostitutes being murdered on the streets. She is very disturbed by the killer's unconventional methods.

Victoria appears momentarily accompanied by her butlers John, Grey and Phipps. Later, when Ciel's investigation is finally done, and he reports personally to Victoria, mentioning the resurrection of the dead she already believes Ciel's words and comments that he should keep his nose sniffing around. After Ciel left, Victoria is seen with John Brown,and she voices her worries about moving corpses and asks what would John do and he replies that he would protect her in place of Albert.

Anime biography

Young Queen

The younger Queen Victoria in anime

However, in the first season of anime series, the Queen became different to her original manga counterpart.

In a period of time a fallen angel named Ash Landers somehow became the Queen's "White Butler". Ash (and his female counterpart Angela Blanc) help Queen Victoria come back to youth by sewing her together with King Albert's corpse, due to the Queen's wish to stay with her dead husband.

Later, Queen Victoria ordered Ash Landers to burn down the Phantomhive Manor at the day of Ciel Phantomhive's birthday. The fallen angel orders its henchmen to kidnap Ciel and burn a Seal of the Beast on Ciel. Later, Ciel summons a demon whom he names Sebastian Michaelis, and they escape from the living nightmare.

Curry Contest

Instead of arriving after the contest, the Queen arrives before, with a speech from Ash marking the beginning of the contest. While the judges deliberate, she tries a bit of Sebastian's curry, and gives it the same rave review through Ash. However, Mina, who has succumbed to the effects of the spice curryma that responds to people's darkness, insults the queen and moves in to attack her, but is stopped by Sebastian, Agni and to some extent, Prince Soma. After Sebastian's curry cures those afflicted, she declares him the winner.

Conspiracy and Revenge

Before the undercover of the Queen's true nature, Lau informs Ciel that Queen Victoria is trying to start a war, which prompts Ciel to go to the exposition to meet with her.

He encounters her in the Eiffel Tower's elevator, where she shares that she would like to kill everyone who is wicked. The way she speaks, however, prompts Ciel to suspect that she is responsible for his parents' deaths, which when confronted, she confirms. However, she finds Ciel's anger astonishing, and when Ash arrives, she orders him to kill Ciel. When Ciel orders Sebastian to slay Ash and the Queen, she becomes visibly distressed, and blames Ciel for the resulting fight, asking why he does not stop it. When Ciel notices that the fight is endangering the citizens below, he orders Sebastian to stop, and Ash takes advantage of the opportunity to carry Queen Victoria away.


In the manga, Victoria appears to be a strong and capable elderly woman. As she is inclined to fashion, she dons stylish clothing, to which Baldroy has expressed surprise about upon her first appearance.

In the anime, however, Victoria is a small, sickly woman who always dresses in black; often, she wears a black veil that covers her face. When she removes the said veil, she appears to be a young girl with long gray hair.


In the manga, Victoria is a kind and considerate elderly woman. A prestigious leader, she has crafted the most brilliant time of Great Britain's history; as she is the political drive behind the idea of expanding the territories, Great Britain is coined as the empire on which the sun never sets. She is prominent in the fields of fashion at social events, and often leads the trends. Victoria is immensely popular and well-loved among her people.

Victoria is a very virtuous individual, who greatly adheres to rectitude and good morals. She is constantly worried for the stability of regular society, and thus, she sends Ciel Phantomhive to help her subdue criminals.

Victoria misses her deceased husband, King Albert. She also has a tendency to call Ciel "boy," as she says he will always be a cute little boy to her. Despite her somewhat odd tendencies, she has garnered a lot of respect from most characters.

When she does speak, she has a vision of destruction, similar to Angela Blanc, and describes a willingness to kill everyone, including Ciel—and yet, she expects Ciel to remain loyal to her, and is surprised when he does not. In the anime, she also claims responsibility for his parents' deaths, as it was part of her vision to get rid of those that are wicked. As a result of these psychotic desires, she has notably more enemies in the anime than in the manga.