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I'm Queen Nehelenia. I'm the ruler of the people of the Dark Moon.
~ Queen Nehelenia
I shall never doubt the power of innocent dreamers. I shall never doubt the dreams of innocent children. I shall never doubt my worst nightmare. I shall use the power of innocent dreamers. I shall use the dreams of innocent children. I shall preserve my dreams. My worst nightmare will be somebody's!
~ Queen Nehelenia as she soon becomes evil.

Queen Nehelenia is the queen of the kingdom of the Dead Moon, and the true antagonist of Sailor Moon Super S.


Originating from the dark center of the moon, believing herself to be the rightful ruler of the Moon Kingdom, Nehelenia lived during the reign of Queen Serenity and made her presence known during the celebration of Princess Serenity's birth. When sealed by Serenity during the resulting confrontation, Nehelenia placed a curse to doom Moon Kingdom would fall before the princess would ever inherit the throne. This came to pass through the actions of Queen Metalia while Nehelenia live on within her prison, until she came across Chibiusa's four future guardians, the Sailor Quartet, and turned into the Amazoness Quartet, to aid her in her goals. Calling herself Queen Nehelenia, she orchestrated the attack on realm of Elysion to capture the high priest Helios while sending the Amazoness Quartet to seek out the Legendary Silver Crystal.

During battles with the Amazoness Quartet and their minions, Usagi's friends obtained their Sailor Crystals with the help of Artemis, Phobos and Deimos, and the Sailor Power Guardians. At the same time, Hotaru Tomoe grew in age, reawakening as Sailor Saturn and giving the other Outer Senshi their respective Sailor Crystals. Once the Sailor Guardians had managed to defeat all of the Dead Moon's minions, they finally discovered that the Golden Crystal was hidden inside Mamoru's body, much as the Silver Crystal was within Usagi's.

The Sailor Guardians then went to confront Nehelenia in Elysion, where she attempted to take the Silver Crystal one last time. The power of the Silver Crystal, combined with that of the newly awakened Golden Crystal, bound together by the love of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask for one another, prevented this yet again. When defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon using the joined powers of all the Sailor Team, Nehelenia shriveled into a wizened old woman, and faded away after being sealed inside her mirror once more. In the manga it was revealed that she, like Metalia, Wiseman, and Pharaoh 90, was another incarnation of Chaos.

90s anime

Placed in a more sympathic light, Nehelenia was raised on the notion that beauty is everything and lost her sanity upon seeing the hideous hag she would eventually become. It made Nehelenia obsessed with staying young and beautify forever, taking the Dream Mirrors of her subjects who were transformed as her Remless and established the Dead Moon Circus. Nehelenia desired the Moon Kingdom, seeking Helios and the Golden Crystal and only acquired the former's body before she was sealed in her mirror by Queen Serenity.

A mirror was eventually found by the Amazoness Quartet (Besu Besu, Cele Cele, Jun Jun, and Para Para), through which Nehelenia spoke to them, and she gave them power in the form of magic orbs called Amazon Stones, giving them eternal childhood and making them her servants. With Nehelenia inside her mirror, she created an construct in the form of her aged self Zirconia to oversee the Death Moon Circus when it attacked Elysion, Helios's dream world, damaging it. Helios was imprisoned inside Nehelenia's mirror, but before she could take the crystal, Chibiusa's dream light turned his soul into Pegasus, and he left Elysion to hide in Rini's dreams.

At a solar eclipse, the Dead Moon Circus arrived on Earth and searched for Pegasus. Eventually, Nehelenia discovered that Chibiusa was the one whose dreams Pegasus was hiding in, so Zirconia imprisoned her in Nehelenia's mirror where Nehelenia forced Pegasus to become Helios again, and she took the golden crystal from him and walked outside of her mirror, destroying Zirconia in the process. She fought the Sailor Scouts, and was unbeatable with the golden crystal, but the Amazon Quartet switched it around for a pineapple and gave it to Sailor Moon. Its power was restored by everyone on Earth, and Sailor Moon used it to defeat Queen Nehelenia.

Unfortunately, Nehelenia survived and kidnapped Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibiusa), taking her to the top of the circus tent (which lifted up toward the Dead Moon), with Sailor Moon following her, but the battle destroyed her beauty, leaving her as an ugly old hag. With her plans for total domination and absolute beauty foiled, she decided to take her revenge on Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, then seal herself back inside the mirror in the Death Moon's shadow to restore her youth. She threw Sailor Chibi Moon over the edge, and Sailor Moon jumped after her (they were saved when Pegasus turned them into their princess forms with wings). Nehelenia, believing she had defeated Sailor Moon, reentered her mirror, restoring her youth and beauty once more, and left Earth in it, never to be seen again.

Later, she was awaken by Sailor Galaxia and manipulated to attack Sailor Moon and her friends. She managed to corrupt Endimion with a piece of her broken Nightmare Mirror. Nehelenia captured all Sailor Senshi, leading Sailor Moon to save them, but at the end she was defeated when Sailor Moon assumed her ultimate form, Eternal Sailor Moon. The Sailor Senshi helped her to realize her true dream, to have a friend she could talk to. Sailor Moon granted her wish, and sent her back to the past. Nehellenia woke up, restored to a child, in her palace, where the people of the Dead Moon were still in their natural human-like forms as well as their planet itself was in its glorious original state, and where Queen Nehelenia herself could this time start over and find love and friends.

Powers and Abilities

Queen Nehelenia can shoot energy waves of darkness, and also spiderlike threads. She is also impervious to most attacks.

In the manga, she was capable of placing a prophecy of death on the infant Princess Serenity in the Silver Millennium, which was fulfilled by the Dark Kingdom. She was also able to corrupt the 4 Asteroid Senshi while they were in slumber, turning them into her Amazoness Quartet.



  • Her Japanese voice actress Yoshiko Sakakibara voiced Sirene and Dyspear.
  • Queen Nehelenia was named after the ancient goddess Nehalennia.
  • She is also the only final antagonist to not die, unlike the NegaforceWiseman, and Pharaoh 90. She is also the only Sailor Moon villain in the English anime to neither die nor turn good.
  • In the manga, her introduction in the Silver Millennium resembles Maleficent's introduction in Sleeping Beauty. They were both uninvited guests who crashed a celebration of the birth of a royal heir and before they vanished (Maleficent departed and Nehelenia was sealed in a mirror) they bestowed a death curse on the infant.
    • In the anime, Nelehenia is portrayed with similarities to various versions of the evil queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in both her vanity and possession of a magic mirror.

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