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Villain Overview
The Humans of Sera built a glorious civilization, but Humans are not destined to create. They ultimately did what they do best. Destroy. But this was nothing, compared to a new threat, from below. An enemy that will force Humanity to take their last, inevitable steps, toward extinction.
~ Queen Myrrah on E-Day.
They do not understand. They do not know why we wage this war. Why we cannot stop. Will not stop. Why we will fight and fight and fight. Until we win... Or we die. And we are not dead yet.
~ Queen Myrrah pledged that the Horde will never stop the war.
You humans! Why do you think your lives are worth more than ours? Don't you realize who we are? Don't you recognize all your most admirable qualities in us? Oh yes... we are genocidal monsters! Just like you!
~ Queen Myrrah arguing with Marcus Fenix about the nature of the Locust during their final confrontation.
Hubris! Ah so pious and moral! Even now! Your father always thought he had all the answers, but he had none! Nothing but clever ways to kill! The Hammer of Dawn, Jacinto, and now this! And his arrogance finally killed him!
~ Queen Myrrah's last words.

Queen Myrrah (simply known as Myrrah) is the main antagonist of the Gears of War series of video games. She is the leader and queen of the Locust Horde. Leading her people hoping to colonize the surface and to destroy the Lambent threat in the Hollow, she leads the genocide of the human race, only to have the Locust Horde to face two near extinction events.

Due to her status over her subjects as the Queen, the Locust treat her with the utmost respect, dying for her if necessary. In the Chain of Command in the Locust Horde, Queen Myrrah is the central leader.

Personality and traits

Myrrah holds cynical and xenophobic views, which drive her ruthless war tactics. She sees the human race as savages that only destroy, and that no matter how hard they may try, they will always be destined to destroy. Believing that, she ordered the genocidal assault on the surface of Sera known as Emergence Day when the Lambent threat arose in the Hollow rather than seeking diplomacy, and saw it fulfilled when the humans countered the Locust's near victory with the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack.

Queen Myrrah's view on the Lambent is a little less clear as it has yet to be revealed which side instigated the Locust Civil War yet. Her hatred for the Lambent is described as an "infection" that afflicts the Locust Horde. On a transmission she explains, "We cannot allow the Lambent to pollute the surface. We must bury their infection here."

She refuses to surrender either to the humans or the Lambent and wishes for the Locust Horde to reign not only supreme over the others, but to exterminate all other threats to the Horde as well.

Unique Appearance

Myrrah is a descendant of the scientists who worked at the New Hope Research Facility. Her accent suggests she is from the same region or nation as Dr. Niles Sampson, indicating some possible connection between them. Unlike the Locust, Myrrah is a normal human, as she was not affected by Adam's Imulsion Countermeasure Device when it was activated, although she considers herself as a Locust.

Unlike the rest of the Locust Horde and other Locust females, Myrrah exhibits human-like qualities in her appearance and mannerisms. Most notable is she speaks Tyran (Sera's equivalent to English) fluently, unlike others in the Horde who only speak phrases at a time. Her physical appearance, excluding her pale skin and her back, appears more human than of Locust origin.


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