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Queen Juliana

Queen Juliana (simply known as Juliana) is the secondary antagonist of Ralph Bakshi's 1983 animated film, Fire and Ice. She is Nekron's mother.


She plots to conquer the world and raises her son named Nekron as a master of sorcery and arcane men.

Together the two conquer Icepeak, and from their stronghold, Nekron commands massive glaciers to destroy everything between them and their ultimate goal: Firekeep, ruled by the wise and powerful King Jarol.

Nekron's latest advance destroys a Northern village, leaving Larn the sole survivor, bent on revenge; it also exhausts Nekron, who resorts to sending emissaries to coerce Jarol into surrendering.
Fire and Ice (1983) Part 110:01

Fire and Ice (1983) Part 1

When words fail, they resort to kidnapping Jarol's daughter Teegra, who escapes and accidentally hooks up with Larn.