Queen Helena Henstridge is the fictional Queen of England in the Royals and main antagonist. She is like the Alexis Carrington of the Royals. She is critical, mean and evil. She has an estranged relationship with both of their kids. The pilot episode when her first born son Robert died in war. She was grieving hard, but she still stay in royal duty up as Queen of England. They don't want to see sign of weakness. Helena was born royalty, since her mother is the Grand Duchess of Oxford. She and her daughter Eleanor have a huge estranged relationship. Their relationship is similar to Victoria and Brooke Davis. Eleanor was a party girl and tried to one up her mother in royal duties. Eleanor is not only a disappointment, she is also sleeping with her bodyguard Jasper. Who has revealing video that could piss her off family or abdicate the monarchy. Henstridge family like King Simon wants the family to abdicate the throne so they can live a normal life. But the people will have to vote to stay or leave. He wants his family to leave the throne, all it does it ruining their lives. Helena doesn't want to leave the monarchy, even is she divorces her husband she might lose the throne or her family will be abdicated themselves. Helena and Simon are in a loveless marriage and I think they only got married because it was an arraigned marriage. So mostly they are not in love. She also doesn't want her son dating Ophelia Pryce, she is a commoner and an outsider. She is trying to break up their relationship, even thought they are not dating. Just friends. She could also have her father Ted Price fired since he is the head of security of the palace.