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Queen Dume of the Night is an evil sorceress and the main antagonist in the film The Princess Twins of Legendale.

She intended to marry King Solter to gain power over the lands of day and night, but he rejected her for Luna, whom he loved. Furious at this, Dume divided the lands. When Solter and Luna had two twin daughters, Dawn and Eve, who could unify the lands again, Dume turned into a spider creature and kidnapped the twin princesses. Luna tried to stop her, but Dume sent her falling to her death. Dawn survived in Luna's arms, but Dume escaped with Eve.

Dume made Eve do chores for her in her castle in the Night World. She told her she rescued her from day people, making them out to be evil. When Dawn made her way into the Night World, Dume sent her minions after her but she was rescued by Eve's friend, Kylo. Dume tricked Eve into revealing the location of Kylo's cave, and when Eve realized her true intentions and tried to stop her, Dume imprisoned her in the dungeon. Then she captured Dawn and imprisoned her in the dungeon as well.

With both the day and night amulets, Dume made her way to the day world, bringing night to it, and tried to force King Solter to marry her under threat of killing Dawn - who along with Eve was intended to be fed to Dume's monsters. However, Dawn and Eve escaped and rode the pegasus Juniper to the day world. Dume transformed into her spider form and trapped the princesses before capturing Solter and taking him to the top of the tower to use the amulets' power. However, Dawn and Eve were released from their prison and rescued Soltar before confronting Dume. When she tried to use the amulets together, it didn't work, and when day arrived, Dume hid on a side of the tower. She grabbed Eve's hand and fell from the tower to her death, after which she was crushed by falling rubble. Her efforts to take Eve with her were in vain, as Eve survived with Dawn's help.