Queen Bumble
Queen Bumble is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony episode "The End of Flutter Valley", alongside Hydia.

Queen Bumble is the ruler of Bumbleland, a place located somewhere in Flutter Valley in which all the bees live after their exile. She usually has a cold personality and hated the Flutter Ponies for dumping her and her people in the freezing land and decided to work with Hydia to steal the Sunstone and use it's power to direct the sun to allow plants and flowers to grow in Bumbleland, also slowly destroying Flutter Valley in the process. But she didn't know that the Sunstone could destroy her land due to too much heat, causing a fire that would burn everything in its path. In the end, she and the bees tried to reclaim the Sunstone from the Flutter Ponies, but Sting tries to stop Bumble. Rosedust intervenes and offers that if Bumble leaves the Flutter Ponies alone, she can come to Flutter Valley and take flowers anytime. She agrees, and Sting returns to Bumbleland with her and the other bees.